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"Having experienced the positive results of acupuncture on myself I was eager to find a Veterinary acupuncturist for my senior dog who was experiencing stiffness, difficulty rising from a down position and who was avoiding stairs and jumping up. Her rear legs had lost a significant amount of muscle. I was very worried about her comfort and if she was going to get worse.

I was delighted to be referred to Dr. Stacy Taylor of Tailored Veterinary Care. After only a couple visits I noticed my dog was beginning to develop some rear leg muscle, she was rolling around playing with the other house dogs again, she even started bouncing around with toys. The treatments were making a difference. I was very pleased Dr. Taylor was able to improve her quality of life at this stage and that I did not have to resort to pharmacological remedies.

Dr. Taylor was patient, observant and kind with my nervous dog. She explained to me what she was going to do and took extra care to calm and support my dog during the evaluation and treatments. Treatment was always my dog's choice -- Dr. Taylor did an excellent job reading my dog's needs and her degree of sensitivity to touch, pressure and needle insertion.

I highly recommend Dr. Taylor -- two paws up from my dog too."


—  Deborah Lee Miller-Riley, Owner/Director Canine Water Sports

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